Our environmental work is results-oriented

Hardford works operationally based on a concrete action plan for improvements in the environmental area. There are clear and readable goals for, among other things, replacing existing raw materials with raw materials with less environmental impact, reducing energy consumption and increasing the amount of recyclable waste.

Hardford AB works actively to phase out perfume allergens and certain preservatives in products aimed at children. The work is part of the project "Non-toxic everyday" which is led by the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

Product development

Our product developers have extensive experience of developing products with as little environmental impact as possible. Are you interested in developing an eco-labeled product? We have the knowledge to develop products that meet the criteria that apply to the Swan eco-labels and Good Environmental Choice. Even when developing products that are not eco-labeled, the environmental impact properties of the raw materials used are evaluated.

We support the production of sustainable palm oil

Hardford AB thinks sustainability issues are important. Our company supports sustainable production of palm oil through Greenpalm and is also part of the Swedish initiative for increased use of sustainable palm oil.
For every tonne of palm oil and palm kernel oil we use in our production of our own and others' brands, we have paid a voluntary premium to palm oil producers who work in accordance with the RSPO's strict guidelines for social and environmental responsibility.
Our customers and consumers therefore take extra environmental and social responsibility by buying our products or producing from us.