Our certifications

ISO 22716:2007 - Cosmetic GMP and the basis of our business. Legal obligation towards consumers and authorities.

ISO 9001 - Commitment to continuous quality improvement (companies, processes, personnel, products, customers)

ISO 14001 - The commitment to continuous environmental improvement (companies, processes, personnel, products, customers). District heating in all processes, 100% renewable energy and a closed

ISO 45001 - The commitment to continuous work environment improvement and a safer workplace for all employees

ECOCERT & COSMOS - Hardford manufactures products that are certified according to COSMOS, where the product certification is carried out by ECOCERT Greenlife.

FAIRTRADE - An event designed to help producers in developing countries achieve better trade conditions.


Hardford AB is certified against ISO 9001: 2015 and follows ISO 22716: 2007 - GMP for cosmetic products. The certification helps to constantly improve ourselves and our products and to maintain a high level of product safety. Maintaining focus is just as important internally as externally, both when we work with the small details and with the whole. Quality is the result of an optimization of each step in the product realization process: reliable recipes, the best raw materials, raw material control, packaging development, inspections, fine-tuning and a continuous evaluation of each production step. Every little aspect is important for the quality of the products that end up with the consumer.

By focusing on details, we can manufacture the same product thousands of times - always with the same look, texture and scent.


Hardford AB is certified in accordance with the requirements specified in EC Directive 76/11 / EEC with regard to volume and weight. The certification means that we meet the requirements for performing e-marking of pre-packaged goods.


Hardford AB is certified against ISO 14001: 2015. The certification is an important success factor in our environmental work and contributes to us systematically working with our most important environmental aspects:
• Consumption of energy for production and heating
• Choice of ingredients
• The use of our products

Working environment

Hardford AB has been certified according to ISO 45001: 2018 since 2021. We see certification as an important success factor where we want to improve our social responsibility towards staff, suppliers and other partners.

We work continuously to minimize and eliminate the risks that exist in the business as it is important to us that our employees have a safe and secure workplace. 

Our goal is to have a high health attendance and that any sick leave is not associated with any work-related incidents.