Our modern production facility is equipped to handle most types of products and production techniques.

The mixing equipment can handle both large and small volumes and our filling equipment can handle most types of packaging.

Our production takes place according to the Lean Production philosophy - this means that we eliminate all factors that do not create value for the end customer.

Simply put, it is about "more value for less work". We see each product as unique and strive for each production to be as efficient as possible without compromising on quality.



Through Hardford Logistics, we provide storage, order handling and distribution of Hardford's brands, as well as through third-party collaborations with many of our customers.

We handle this today in a state-of-the-art system-controlled business system where both production, warehousing and distribution are integrated in one and the same system.

At Hardford, we place great value on safe and reliable transport for our customers. That is why we have quality-assured our distribution through agreements with some of Europe's largest carriers.