The classic home pharmacy. The Salubrin brand was founded in 1893 by Dr. Per Håkansson who discovered that the employees at his vinegar factory were seldom or never sick. The classic solution has a cooling effect that helps with both itching after insect bites and sunburn.

Mosquito, Tick Spray and Mosquito Lotion 100 ml. The products are skin and environmentally friendly, also protect against wasps and horseflies, also suitable for children under 3 years, waterproof, can withstand sweating and swimming. Skin-friendly and contains Ale Vera, dermatologically tested and protects for over 6 hours.

 Dessutom har sortimentet utökats men en helt ny modern produkt, en svalkande Aloe Vera gel som kan användas vid insektsbett, brännässlor och solsveda. Aloe vera har lugnande effekt och lindrar irriterad hud. Aktiv substans från sheasmör dämpar irritation och klåda.

Salubrin finns bl a på Ica, Coop, Hemköp, Willys, City Gross och Ö&B

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