Consumer contact

To serve you as a customer in various matters concerning our products and its use, we have a number of ways for you as a consumer to turn to us. 

In the event of complaints, it is important that you state your name, postal address, product name and manufacturing code (embossed numeric code on the product or label). To facilitate the handling of your case, we want you to fill in a form that appears when you click here.

Phone number: 0200-21 01 01
Tuesday and Friday: 10:00-12:00

Does your case concern the following trademarks; Mood, Vademecum, Naturelle, Jane Hellen, Miramar or Enden contact Henkel on telephone 010-480 7601 open weekdays between 9-12.

Regular opening hours:
Tuesday and Friday: 10:00-12:00

Do you want to send mail?

Postal address:
Hardford AB
Box 1213
581 12 Linköping

Do not forget to mark the envelope with "Consumer contact".